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Moonstruck Creations

Public and private Watercolor Workshops and Paint & Sip events. Here for the happy accidents.


Hi, I'm Kaylee!


The owner and artist behind Moonstruck Creations.

I'm a local watercolor and calligraphy artist here in Boise, Idaho. I started offering public and private Watercolor Workshop and Paint & Sip events in February of 2022. It's been a dream of mine to cultivate a creative space for community to get together and embrace our creativity AND the meditative power of watercolor painting! I've partnered with venues such as Western Collective, Payette Brewing, Telaya, Wine and Dawson Taylor Coffee. Hosting these events is a literal dream come true for me. So thanks for being here!

I started my watercolor journey in January of 2017, and BOY has it been a life changing ride. Lots of highs, lows, twists and turns but I've found so much joy in the ~ f l o w ~ of it all. Lesson number one watercolor taught me ;) Seriously though, the amount of life lessons I've learned through the magic of watercolor is actually unreal. Anywayzzzz, I'm getting a bit woo-woo so I'll stop. BUT I really hope to create with you soon!

Cheers, Kaylee


some student reviews that make me blush

Emma Ramirez

"Kaylee is seriously such an amazing teacher! Her class was so much fun and I was very impressed with how my painting turned out! She does it step by step so it's super easy to follow along! I will definitely it'll be taking more of her classes!"

Alyssa Deck

"I went to A water color class and i absolutely loved it! Kaylee is an amazing teacher and helps you as you go. She goes around to each of us there and gives us tips & tricks to try. Kaylee is very personable, fun & makes you want to come back for another! Thank you kaylee! I will be back!"

Traci Swift

"I attended a Moonstruck Creations event at Western Collective and had a great time! Kaylee is a wonderful facilitator."

Greg Fay

"A little bit of this, a little bit of that, good vibes and some happy accidents! 🎨 👨‍🎨 Really enjoyed moonstruck’s class atmosphere and teaching techniques!!"

some of my budding Picasso's :')